1 - Search around for an item that makes your heart flutters, and click on it!




2 - Once on the item’s page, you can see different informations about it, sizes, materials, etc… (note: not every items has english translation)



3 - If you think you’ve found your soulmate, click on the big black button under the price (it should be written: カートに入れる which means “add to cart”). The number above it is the number of items you wish to buy, so you can make it double if you wish to share with a friend! 

(note: some brands have unique items that cannot be reproduced, so the quantity cannot be augmented)


4 - Once you’ve clicked the “Add to cart” black button, you will be directly sent to your cart page. You can quit it and go back to your shopping or proceed at anytime. If you desire to proceed for the payment, click the red button (with a white cart symbol, it should be written: “レジへ進む” which means “Proceed to payment”) under the cart information (yellow box).


5 - Once you’ve clicked the “Proceed to payment” button, you will be directed to your information page. Every column with the red mark “必須” (which means “Required”) have to be filled. The 1st one (お名前)must be filled with your full name, The 2nd one (都道府県)is a selection one. You will need to click the last one of the selection column (海外 which means overseas) The 3rd one (住所1) is where you should write your address in full. The 4th one (メールアドレス) is for you mail address. The 5th one (電話番号) is for you phone number. Note that it should be written with the international prefix added to it, without anything other than numbers ( +, *, etc…). Once you’ve written these (good work!), click on the orange button on the bottom right (it should be written “次へ進む” which means “Next”,)


6 - Once you’ve click the “Next” button, you will be directed to the method of shipping you’d like to use. If you’re buying from overseas (not from Japan), please click on EMS. 

Once the method of shipping has been selected, click on the orange button on the bottom right, ”次へ進む” which means “Next”.


7 - Once you’ve clicked on the “Next” button, you will be directed to the method of payment page. Please, select the method of payment of your choice.

Note that if you are not living in Japan, you cannot select the Cash On Delivery method of payment. Some banks also will not accept Bank Transfer method, so please be careful. 

Once the method of payment has been selected, click on the orange button on the bottom right, ”次へ進む” which means “Next”.


Note: If you chose Credit Card Payment, you will be directed to the Credit Card Information page, before getting to the next step. You will need to fill every column before you can proceed.

The 1st one (カード会社)is the type of card you hold (VISA, JCB, MASTER, etc…), please select the one corresponding to your credit card.

The 2nd one (カード番号)is your card number. Please enter the numbers only, no hyphen or space required.

The 3rd one (支払い方法)is the way you wish to pay for you product. 
The first option on the top left (一括払い)means you will pay the full price in one go. 
The options under this one offers you the possibility to pay monthly in the amount of time of your choice (3 times, 5 times, etc…). 
Note that if you’re buying with an oversea card (not from Japan), depending on your bank, you might not be able to pay more than one time, separately. 
So we recommend to select the “one go” option. 
If you have chosen to pay separately but once you click the “next” button you go back to the credit card information page, it means your bank (or the system within our website) does not approve the monthly payment and you will need to pay in full.
The リボ払い option is not available from overseas so please, do not select it.

The 4th one (セキュリティーコード)is the Security Code in the back or the front of your credit card. It is usually a 3 digits or a 4 digits number (showed on the pictures below).

The 5th one (有効期限)is the expiration date of your credit card (month and year).

The 6th one (名義人)is the name written on your credit card, please be sure to fill it correctly.

Once you have filled all the columns, click on the orange button on the bottom right, ”次へ進む” which means “Next”.



8 - Once you’ve clicked on the “Next” button, you will be directed to a confirmation of all your selected methods and inputed informations. On the total price, you will have an added price to it (送料)this is the shipping price. It will vary depending on the weight of your purchase and the area you live in. Once you’ve checked that everything is in order, click on the top red button with “注文する” (which means “Make your order”) in white.



9 - Congratulations! We received your order and will start preparations to send it to you as soon as possible!

In the meanwhile, you will receive  another email with the payment procedure!


Thank you for reading!

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